Our Team

Cassandra Kalpaxis

As someone who underwent the struggle of conception herself, Cassandra understands all that comes with the drive and passion to create a family, even when you think it might not be possible. Cassandra utilises a holistic approach to assist you in navigating what can potentially be a confusing time for you. 

Cassandra’s passion for creating a family has been recognised through a number of conferences, expositions and guest appearances such as the Pregnancy, Babies & Children Expo and the Growing Families Conferences. Cassandra has also been featured on multiple nation-wide media broadcasts including 2GB and Sunrise and she is committed to raising awareness about the numerous ways that love can create a family.

Cassandra has a strong background in achievements outside of the traditional law including a Bachelor of Social Science, National Mediation Accreditation and being an International Collaborative Practice Practitioner. Having these skills, Cassandra is able to best assist you by approaching your situation with multiple perspectives each with a common purpose of creating a legacy for you in the most efficient and supportive way possible.

When you meet with Cassandra you will instantly recognise that she is down to earth, warm and possesses an energy that is uplifting, boosts your confidence and is empathetic.

If Cassandra was a baby’s bib, she would be coloured light blush pink.

Director & Principal

Stefano Cammarano

When you walk through the door be expected to be greeted with a smile from Stefano as warm as a mug of hot chocolate.

Stefano’s passion for creating life stems from his endless commitment to ensuring that every one’s unique definition of family is recognised. Stefano appreciates that family has different meanings for everyone and celebrates the many forms of love.

Stefano is a firm believer that with love, anything is possible. 

He is empathetic in his approach and places himself in your shoes to relate to you, on a deeper level, to understand more about what has led you to get in touch with Simply Surrogacy. He listens to you and provides you with the skillset, support and strategy to help you be as confident as you can be to create a legacy that you have always wanted. 

Stefano experiences immense satisfaction when he sees your freshly-taken newborn pictures and hears stories of adversity that you have been able to overcome with his assistance.

Single or not, Stefano wants you know that you are loved and you are capable of creating life with the same ingredient.

If Stefano was a baby’s bib, he would be coloured light cyan.


Heela Khatiz

For Heela, family is everything and she understands that the circumstances surrounding your journey to fertility and surrogacy can involve a multitude of factors. 

Heela is particularly passionate about encouraging you to transition through difficult times with the support and benefits that comes along with utilising a holistic approach. Heela has witnessed those who have struggled with conception overcome challenges that at first instance, seemed impossible. 

Heela’s energy is positive, empathetic and confidence-boosting.

If Heela was a baby’s bib, she would be coloured lavender people.