Let us help you create a life, a love, a legacy.

Here at Simply Surrogacy, we are passionate about helping you create a family.

No surrogacy journey is the same.
Everyone is unique.

“As a mother of two children, I have been blessed to know the joy that children can bring to your life. However, as part of my journey I experienced the struggle of conception and know too well the heartache that is associated with trying to have a baby.

Be assured that when you come to see us you will be met by a team of people who share my values – my passion for family and a desire to help you achieve your goals in creating a life.”

– Cassandra Kalpaxis

There is no one size fits all.

Simply Surrogacy is a Surrogacy, Reproductive & Fertility Law firm based in Sydney, NSW that services all areas of Australia, including all capital cities and regional areas as well as world-wide for International & Overseas Surrogacy Arrangements.

We are a niche firm offering expert advice in all areas of Surrogacy, Reproductive & Fertility law including, but not limited to:

✓ Surrogacy Agreements (both Domestic and International)
✓ Parentage Orders with the Supreme Court
✓ Sperm Donor Agreements
✓ Egg Donor Agreements
✓ Surrogacy Support and  Strategy Sessions
✓ Acting as Agent with the Department of Health
✓ Adoption Applications
✓ Citizenship and Passport Applications
✓ Liaising with domestic and overseas fertility clinics

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Here at Simply Surrogacy we understand that the surrogacy process can be both exciting and confusing. Assisting intended parents to navigate through the process is our passion. We have together as a team collated a space of information to assist you gain more knowledge about your surrogacy journey.

Depending on whether you have arranged your surrogacy overseas or domestically in Australia will determine whether you get a parenting order or a parentage order. It’s best …
After approval and before the embryo transfer process is the IVF treatment cycle. IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation) is when an egg and sperm are …
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If you’re reading this, you may be interested in becoming pregnant, have a loved one that could potentially be needing assistance in having children …
Here at Simply Surrogacy, we are passionate about helping you create a family.

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We understand that this might be a totally new thing for you. That’s why we’ve hand-crafted a number of checklists and fact sheets to provide a sneak peek about the journey to creating a life.

International Surrogacy Arrangements

Am I eligible for surrogacy?

Why have a birth plan?

Surrogacy Agreement Checklist

Cassandra’s passion extends to being engaged as a speaker that presents on a wide range of topics including parentage orders, birthing plans, and domestic & international surrogacy.

Cassandra’s experience and expertise in the surrogacy and family law space has been showcased at numerous events all across Australia and she is open to network, collaborate or simply have a chat!

Get in touch with us via email at hello@simplysurrogacy.com.au if you would like to engage Cassandra as a speaker for your event.

Love makes a family.